While thousands of international students annually come to the state of France to study, few Egyptians have the financial and logistical ability to make full-time move to France. ESLSCA Egypt university is privileged with the status of being a branch of Paris ESLSCA business school. Therefore, ESLSCA Egypt university will be offering the very same European degrees in the Egyptian campus. 

1949  ESLSCA Established in Paris

Founded in 1949, Paris ESLSCA (École Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées) is a private and independent institution of higher education.

1971 French Accreditation

With over 65 years of excellence in management education and a worldwide alumni network, we continue to offer accelerated, rigorous and innovative programs that allow students to move forward in a successful career. Paris ESLSCA Business School, L’École de Guerre Économique, IFAM and INSAM are all under the umbrella of Groupe ESLSCA. ESLSCA Grande École de Commerce offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs that meet all students’ educational requirements.

1998 First MBA Class in Egypt

Paris ESLSCA Business School offers a Bachelor of Business Administration program; Groupe ESLSCA offers a wide range of Postgraduate education including executive training, Post Graduate Diploma (PGD), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and several French Masters degrees such as the renowned Masters in Economic Intelligence alongside our doctoral degrees in Business administration.


2017 Recognition of ESLSCA as the first branch of a foreign university in Egypt

In the year 2016, ESLSCA Egypt achieved yet another milestone: the inauguration of ESLSCA Egypt University, and was granted full accreditation by the issuance of the Presidential Decree No.597, on the 5thof December, 2017, being recognized as the first acknowledged branch of a foreign university in Egypt. The undergraduate Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) program shall be launched in the academic year 2019/2020.