Innovation is the key to your organization's success. Transforming valuable ideas into marketable products or services isn't easy, it requires visionary leadership. We believe that the insights, knowledge, and skills needed for this type of leadership are acquired through comprehensive learning Journey.

ESLSCA Executive Education programs aim at educating and developing managers to face and overcome business challenges in a rapidly changing world. What makes OUR programs so dynamic is the absence of boundaries. Invention here is cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary, and a result of one key common denominator: EXCELLENCE.

What is The Trainer?
The Trainer Certificate Program is designed to provide a complete set of skills of the entire training function through:

  1.  Modeling of the best practices in learning, teaching and training

  2.  Providing complete methodologies and techniques in teaching and training delivery

  3.  Respecting in every step of the training function the observation and application the 4Ps of training: Purpose & Assessment, Planning & Preparation, Presentation & Facilitation, and Performance & Evaluation

Certificate Methodology:
The Trainer Certificate content is practical and grounded in the real world, not just academic theory.

This program focuses on what happens before, during, and after you deliver training, and what to do if training is not the right solution. Learner feedback indicates high value in the following areas: participants' engagement, expert facilitation, and applicable tools and techniques.  

What is expected from studying The Trainer?

The novel structure of The Trainer Certificate Program is designed to fulfill the skill-needs of two types of training prodivers:

  1. Training deliverers: i.e. those who deliver course materials without needing to design it, as various level of training / teaching experience.

  2. Experienced trainers and training designers: who find it essential in their practice to design, tailor and/or modify course material.

Designed Learning Outcomes for Deliverers:

  • Master the essential written and pronounced communication skills required to deliver compelling training sessions.
  • Acquire essential facilitation techniques that help participation and interaction of a diversified target audience.
  • Learn an overview of modern blended learning techniques.

Designed Learning Outcomes for Training Designers & Seasoned Trainers:

  • Learn the basics of adult learning theory and instructional design methodology.
  • Master most needs-assessment skill-requirement, develop learning objectives, and predict the impact of training initiatives during the early stages of material design.
  • Apply advanced group-control techniques for managing participants and engaging multiple learning styles and managing classroom challenges.
  • Design learner-centered training programs, far from the easy generic company programs.

The Trainer Certificate Program Structure Details:
The carefully structured program entails 7 modules, each designed to enhance a required set of skills for the training fuction: deliverers of training and designers.

Level I:
Modules for Deliverers / Trainers & Designers

Module 1: The Trainer in Presentation

a. Design the presentations
  • Creating SMART training objectives
  • Designing outlines and flow
b. Organize logistics: material and day structure
  • The Opening
  • Blended classroom methods
  • Sharing Best Practice
  • Face-to-Face (F2F) Lecture
  • Visual aids / videos & sound
  • Activity based learning
  • Questions and Answers Session
  • Memorable Endings

Module 2: The Trainer in Facilitation / Communication
  • Benefits of facilitation

  • Types of questions

  • Questioning techniques

  • Listening definition and importance

  • Levels of listening

  • Listening techniques

  • Directing the discussion and conclude the teaching points.

Module 3: The Trainer as Coach

  • Benefits of coaching

  • Digging to find the root causes not symptoms

  • Relate to participants objectives

  • Different coaching techniques

  • Coaching steps

  • Added value in coaching

  • Responding to participants

Module 4: The Trainer as Evaluator of Training

  • Identify the value of evaluation

  • Components of evaluation

  • Methods of training evaluations

  • Follow up training results

  • Select external training provider

Level II:
Modules for Designers & / or Experienced Trainers

Module 5: Adult Learning

  • Education, Training, Learning and Development: Differences

  • Cycle of Self Development

  • Areas of development and training

  • Difference between Andragogy and Pedagogy

  • Learning Styles

  • Types of Learners

  • Training Methods

  • Training Styles

Module 6: Training Needs Analysis (TNAs)

  • Identify steps of Training Needs Analysis

  • Identify the root cause of the problem

  • Analysis the performance gap

  • Training versus non-training solutions

  • Analysis of learners

  • Analysis of training constraints

Module 7: Designers' Issues on Emotional Intelligence

  • Perception formation

  • Pitfalls of perception

  • Attitude and paradigm and paradigm shift

  • Understanding the participants and personalizing comments

Types of Measurement Tools

  • What, how and who of training evaluation?

  • When will we evaluate:  Before, during and after training.

  • Tools of Evaluation

Presentation Project for every candidate prior to certification:

  • A 30-minute juried presentation session.

  • Criteria: percentage of Activity Based Learning (ABL), Sharing Best Practice (SBP) with participants, and skill with enhanced lecture (Videos, audio, class choreography)


  3 Months 

  Number of Hours

  87 Hours


Admission & Registration steps:
Bring the following documents to admission department in Mohandessin or Heliopolis campus to fill your application:  

  •  Copy of an ID

  •  2 Personal Photos

  •  Updated Resume (C.V)

  •  HR Letter

Fees required, from the admission process till graduation, will be in order as follows:

  • Application Fees: 200 LE (Nonrefundable)

  • The Trainer Tuition includes studying materials or books paid.

Withdrawals, Cancellations, Refund Policy:

 Prior to first day of Training Program  100% cancellation of tuition and course-associated fees
 After first Lecture of Training Program  85% credit of tuition only
 After second lecture of Training Program  80% credit of tuition only
 After third Lecture of Training Program  60% credit of tuition only
 After fourth Lecture of Training Program  NO CANCELLATION OF TUITION OR FEES

Note: Any absence for more than 25% of the training Program will deprive the trainee from obtaining the certificate.