The ESLSCA Research Center has been established by ESLSCA University in September 2019. Its vision is to become a leading multidisciplinary research entity in Egypt and in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region.


The ESLSCA Research Center is intended to facilitate and promote interactions between academic profiles, students and business community to develop and enhance research opportunities, academic excellence, practical solving approaches and knowledge creation and dissemination.
For the mission of the research center, these interactions will be organized around three dimensions: education, research and service.


We believe that research has to be fully integrated into our whole curriculum for two main reasons: first, because this is part of the set of skills needed on the labour markets; second, because it creates a capacity-building within the university.


We believe that the Research Center’s support in the production of a multidisciplinary research and in the dissemination of this research is crucial for the university.


We believe that the Research Center can become an essential consulting service provider in the following areas: questionnaires and market studies; feasibility studies and business planning; macroeconomic research; marketing and economic sector analyses; training on research skill development.

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Location: Pyramids Heights KM-22 cairo alexandria dessert road building C10