Course Synopsis
Preparation for Business Studies is a ninety-hour multi-skill language course specifically designed for adult learners wishing to complete a certificate, diploma, or degree in Business.  Preparation for Business Studies challenges you to think, speak, and write in English under the guidance of qualified language coaches. Preparation for Business Studies is rich in useful business vocabulary and thought-provoking case studies covering a wide range of up-to-date business themes. Completing Preparation for Business Studies helps you improve your overall language proficiency to meet the admission benchmark of business schools.
Learning Objectives
Upon the completion of Preparation for Business Studies, participants will have been able to:
  • Enrich their awareness of up-to-date business topics
  • Utilize business vocabulary within specific business contexts
  • Write effective emails, memos, business letters, and standard business reports
  • Develop oral fluency while conducting business briefings, meetings, and presentations
  • Dokki
  • Nasr City
  • Alexandria