Professional Real Estate Certificate (PREC)

This certificate is designed to facilitate the core competencies needed to join the Real Estate market as a broker, developer’s representative or as an investor. Starting from the basic knowledge of understanding the Real Estate market to excelling in practicing the whole process of prospecting, selling & buying, negotiating and closing techniques.

Who should attend? 

• Real Estate practitioners (Agents, Operators, Coordinators, Managers and Directors)
• Investors, Professionals interested in investment or shifting careers.
• Fresh Graduates

The PREC Learning Objectives:

  •  Defined understanding of Local Real Estate market today.
  •  Ability to perform wide range of real estate agent’s tasks.
  •  Understanding the main roles and tasks of Sales Support Team.
  •  Real Estate Primary Evaluation through Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  •  Real Estate Sales Cycle (From Lead to Deal)
  •  Understanding marketing evolution and new strategies.
  •  Documents, reports and monitoring strategies.
  •  Consumer behaviors and selling strategies to cope with different buying behaviors.
  •  Prospecting for qualified Leads.
  •  Site visits, showing and presenting projects.
  •  Negotiating to the best buyer/seller agreements.
  •  Closing techniques and getting client’s commitment.
  •  Making the best use of your Brand.
  •  Differentiating between Investment, Income, Residential & commercial business.
  •  Understanding the basics of Business Development and Research.

Certificate Modules Details:


  • Real Estate industry Review                                                          (3 Hours)
  • Secured Investment Approach
  • Real Estate thinking

2- Real Estate Professions & Specialties                                             (9 Hours)

  • Real Estate Dimensions and property types
  • Developers VS Brokers
  • Real Estate specialties

Commercial Real Estate Business                                                         (3 hours)

  • Retail
  • Administrational
  • Industrial
  • Lands & Auctions                                                                           (3 hours)
  • Residential Real Estate Business                                                     (3 hours)
  • Real Estate Investment & Projects commercial handling                    (6 hours)
  • Business Development & Research                                                  (3 hours)

  Real Estate Support  Professions:                                                       (3 hours)

  •  Operations
  •  Call Center Vs Telesales           

 Module 2: Performance Excellence in Real Estate

3- Differentiation of Customer needs   (investment VS end user)     (3 hours)

4- Deal Chart, The Performance and Process Basics

  • Prospecting (Seller/Buyer)                                                            (3 Hours)
  • Meeting and Presentation  
  • Showing & CMA                                                                           (3 Hours)
  • Negotiation     
  • Closing                                                                                       (3 Hours)
  • Task & Transaction Management                  

5- Real Estate “Sell to Win”                                                                 (6 hours)

  • Selling Cycle
  • Social Styles (S4 Models)
  • Consumer Behavior

6- Marketing is the Game Changer                                                      (6 hours)

  • History of Marketing Practices
  • Today’s Marketing tools & Technology
  • Setting a marketing Strategy
  • CRM & Business Research

7- Final Presentations                                                                         (3 Hours)

Notes:  All sessions might include Roleplays, assignments & quizzes (optional)

PREC Tuition Fees : 6500 EGP
Total Hours             :  54 Hours


***Certificates are delivered on Contractual Base