ESLSCA Executive Education is the professional development arm of the Leading European Business School; Ecole Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées, ESLSCA. OUR programs aim at educating and developing managers to face and overcome business challenges in a rapidly changing world through a unique spectrum of advanced Professional programs & Consultancy Services.What makes our programs so dynamic is the absence of boundaries. Invention here is cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary, and a result of one key common denominator: EXCELLENCE.

OUR programs enable our participants to change their ordinary ways of doing business, and introduce them to new and unexpected ways of thinking. By participating, participants will prepare for the next steps in their career and live demonstrating leadership here, in classes and among peers.Most important, participants will return to their organizations with fresh ideas, new business skills, and a greater capacity for addressing the challenges their companies face.

As professionals increase their experience in the workplace, they gain knowledge and new views on just how much more they need to know. They understand that to remain productive and competitive in a rapidly evolving global arena, ongoing learning must be an integral part of their life plan.

Banking, Financial Institutions, Corporations, Startups, Nonprofits, and Public Sector alike send their employees to ESLSCA EXECUTIVE EDUCATION to undertake world-class training. Here you get vital lessons in Banking, Finance, Leadership, Management, Strategy, Supply Chain Management, Strategic Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Creative Thinking, Customer Service Career Coaching, Human Resources Management and many other topics.


"ESLSCA Executive Education aims at forging an outstanding class of managers and professionals who will lead and enable the development of the MEA region and their full integration in the world economy, achieving a sustainable and equitable economic growth”


“ ESLSCA Executive Education is founded to be a reference point for satisfying a wide range of consultancy and training needs of corporations and individuals that will set the standards of quality for the region in line with top-league institutions around the world … We value diversity while respecting the traditions of the region."

Training Methodology:

Our programs will be delivered to demonstrate highly interactive methods and techniques. Trainers’ use:

1. Short participative interactive presentations on each of the topics of discussion.

2. Video based presentations that are short and followed by discussions and case studies.

3. Case studies in groups.

4. Group and individual exercise. 

5. Open discussions.

6. Role Plays.

7. Hand outs for further readings