For academic and postgraduate students, it takes a significant amount of time to write a manuscript, journal article, thesis or essay that conveys your ideas in a compelling way. For those writing in a language other than their first, the required time investment is much higher, often with frustratingly imperfect results. ESLSCA’s   academic editing unit can help! Our mission is to deliver first rate, affordable editing services that ensure your manuscript is professionally written and academically acceptable. Our professional editors serve as your advocates, working intelligently and precisely to guarantee that your manuscript is flawless.  
We do not rewrite your paper for you; we tackle the following issues:
  • Linguistic (language) errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Spelling errors
  • Punctuation errors
  • Typographical errors
  • Appropriateness of verb usage
Submission steps:
  •  Kindly attach a clean copy manuscript to an email and send to and let us know how soon you require the edit returned. 
  1. Please allow an average of two weeks between sending the manuscript and the required return date.
  2. Please include your full name and your phone number in the email.
  • We will review your paper and send you an estimate as soon as possible.
  • If you accept the estimate and time frame, please proceed to the finance office to pay and send us a copy of the payment receipt to 
  • Once we receive the confirmation and receipt, your edit will be scheduled on the following working day. 
  • The student/client bears full and absolute responsibility for:
  1. The content, presentation, quality, final use and submission of all documents.
  2. Their decision to implement any changes, edits or corrections suggested by our editors.
  3. Keeping backup copies of all material provided our editors.
  4. Providing a functional email address to receive communication and completed work. 
  • • We will take absolute responsibility for:
  1. All the steps to ensure academic editing is accurate and of high quality.
  2. All academic editing will be delivered by the deadline agreed between us and the student at the start of the project. We provide an “On-time guarantee” provided that the submission steps are carried out. 
  • We do not guarantee improved grades, successful grades or acceptance of content for publication and cannot be held liable for lack of same.
  • We do not guarantee that academic editing will result in 'perfect' or 'error free' work.
For any further inquiries, please contact us at