To survive and grow in today’s rapidly changing economy and major changes, organizations are dependent on developing and retaining top quality executives. 
These executives will need not only the commitment and ability to adapt to changing economy, but also the management skills to anticipate and respond to increasing challenges facing the changing industries. Managing and fostering this talent within your organisation is critical to its success. 

ESLSCA is eager to partner with corporations willing to invest in the development of their employees through providing them with scholarships in our Academic Programs (Post Graduate Diplomas and MBA Programs) as well as the Executive Training Certificates and programs customized contractual training workshops.


Corporate Scholarships Scheme

By partenering with ESLSCA Business School, you are helping both self-funded as well as corporate-funded employees in their pursuit of any academic or training program by benefitting from the ESLSCA corporate scholarship based on the signed Terms of Cooperation between both our corporations.
As per the Academic Programs (Post Graduate Diploma and MBA): 

Corporate-funded employees enjoy: 
  • a 30% corporate scholarship to the company-funded students whose tuition fees are paid for by the company, conditioned to the enrollment of four employees per year.
Self-funded employees enjoy:
  • a 5%  partial scholarship to one self-funded employee
  • a 10%  partial scholarship to a group of two self-funded employees
  • a 15% partial scholarship to a group of three self-funded employees
  • a 25% partial scholarship to a group of four self-funded employees
As per the Executive Training Programs: