Course Synopsis
Business and Academic Writing is specifically designed to help learners produce highly professional business documents and write effective academic essays.  Through thirty-six hours of instruction and supervised practice, participants will learn how to write effective business memos, letters, emails, standard reports, and argumentative essays. Although Business and Academic Writing is mainly a writing course, the other skills of the language such as reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and speaking form a basis on which all the writing tasks are built. Each class brings ample opportunities for guided practice. In our attempt to build autonomous learners, learners will receive personalized feedback on their written English, so they can take charge of their own language development. Being also exposed to up-to-date business themes will help you learn the latest business concepts and terminology currently used in the business world. Enrolling in Business and Academic Writing helps the MBA student maximize his/her potential as an effective corporate professional and as a distinguished scholar.
Learning Objectives
Upon the completion of this course, participants will have been able to: 
  • produce professional memos, emails, letters, and standard reports
  • transform ideas into meaningful academic texts
  • work out a manageable topic for argumentative writing
  • produce a detailed outline for the argumentative essay
  • write an argumentative thesis statement effectively
  • utilize cohesive ties effectively
  • utilize punctuation for message clarity
  • write coherent paragraphs
  • master persuasion techniques in writing
  • cite journals, books, and periodicals effectively
  • Dokki
  • Nasr City
  • Alexandria