Course Synopsis
Grounded in a highly interactive approach, Business Fluency gives learners’ the opportunity to practice their spoken English within up-to-date business themes and intriguing case studies. Through thirty-hours of instruction and under the supervision of qualified language coaches, each class brings to the learners the opportunity to respond critically and creatively to real business challenges from the corporate world. Although Business Fluency focuses on the learner’s fluency in Business English, the other skills of the language like listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and writing form the basis on which all the speaking tasks are built.  In addition to the business content, learners will attend four pronunciation workshops that focus on the common pronunciation errors Egyptians have and on how learners can successfully overcome them. 
In our attempt to build autonomous learners, leaners will receive personalized feedback on their spoken English, so they can take charge of their own language development. Being also exposed to up-to-date business themes will help you learn the latest business concepts and terminology currently used in the business world. Enrolling in Business Fluency will help the learners participate in and lead meetings better, conduct more effective presentations for different purposes, and enhance their overall language fluency.
Learning Objectives
Upon the completion of the course, participants will have been able to:
  • enhance their language fluency within a variety of business contexts
  • heighten their awareness of problematic English sounds for speakers of the Egyptian dialect
  • enhance their pronunciation of English sounds
  • improve their speech music and rhythm
  • Dokki
  • Nasr City
  • Alexandria