Founded in 1949, Paris ESLSCA (Écle Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées) is a private and independent institution of higher education. With over 65 years of excellence in management education and a worldwide alumni network we continue to offer accelerated, rigorous and innovative programs that allow students to move forward in a successful career. Paris ESLSCA Business School, L'École de Guerre Économique, IFAM and INSAM are all under the umbrella of Groupe ESLSCA.
ESLSCA Grande École de commerce offers comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs that meet all students’ educational requirements. Paris ESLSCA Business School offers a Bachelor of Business Administration program; Groupe ESLSCA offers a wide range of Postgraduate education includ- ing executive training, Post Graduate Diploma (PGD), Master of Business Adminis- tration (MBA) and several French Masters degrees such as the renowned Masters in Economic Intelligence alongside our doctoral degrees in Business administra- tion.
The logo of ESLSCA Business School comprises a wheel, two wings and a caduceus a staff with two snakes wound about it. The wheel is well known as a symbol of industry, while the caduceus and wings are symbols of the mythological god Mercury in the classical Roman civilization. Mercury (Mercurius in Latin) is the god of trade,profit and commerce. He is also the messenger of all other gods in the mythology and one of the most popular amongst ancient deities. Mercury was the son of Jupiter, the result of an illicit union with Maia, goddess of the clouds.The Romans also made him god of merchants and he lent his name to “mercantilism”. His name is related to the Latin word merx (“merchandise”). He is always depicted with a specific round hat, a drawstring purse, caduceus, winged sandals, rooster and goat. Hence the logo of ESLSCA associates commerce and trade with industry.
“Global voices, Inspiring minds”
Academic excellence is the base structure of Paris ESLSCA Business School education. We believe excellence is planted in a wide awareness range of global dynamics and recognised by qualifying students to decode real problems in real time. In Paris ESLSCA Business School you can get your knowledge from a top-ranked faculty that includes some of the world’s most widely recognised business practitioners holding doctorate degrees. Our professors will challenge you through interactive discussions and utilise the extensive knowledge and insights they have gained from years of experience and research in both business and academia.