Program Overview

If You Have a Passion for Sport, Pursue Your Dream Career in Sports Marketing

The fast-growing sport industry is considered one of several emerging business areas in Egypt. With the rapid expansion of the sport industry in Egypt and the region along with its growing number of business opportunities, sport marketing professionals are highly in demand to provide support for the growing business in sports.

The Diploma covers sport marketing, sport consumers (motives, consumer decision-making process), sport marketing mix (product, people process, physical evidence, place, pricing, promotion) and customer satisfaction.

ESLSCA Diploma in Sport Marketing aims to provide participants with in-depth understanding of the sport marketing sector, the nature of sport as a business and its opportunities both regionally and globally. Through the study, participants will gain professional understanding to apply the different elements of sport marketing.

ESLSCA’s diploma in sport marketing, provides participants with the needed applied skills to pursue a career in sport marketing as well as further their education in the business field of sport.

Program Objectives


• Identify the nature and importance of marketing in sport
• Understand key motives for the consumption of sport and the consumer decision-making process
• Highlight the elements marketing mix
• Classify the unique aspects of sport and the impact of these unique features on the design of the marketing strategy
• Understand popular frameworks on persuasion and communication.
• Support the growth of sport businesses 
• Fundamentals of data analysis in sport
• Ethical consideration for sport industry management
• Implement and monitor the use of social media in sport business


Program Structure

Core Courses:

Specialization Tracks:


Program Requirements

The course is intended to:

• Marketing Executives who want to specialize in the areas of sport marketing
• Sports practitioners who are keen on enhancing their capabilities in the areas of sport industry marketing
• Business graduates who are interested in pursuing a business career in the sports industry and specializing in sports marketing
• Executives in marketing departments in clubs, sport organizations, cooperate sector and sport media