Program Overview

The MBA in Sports Management at ESLSCA Business School is an interdisciplinary program designed to equip students with sport industry management skills, such as sports marketing and sport facility management, sports advertising and digital media management, sports sponsorship strategy and economics of sport including other applied studied in the business world of sport.

ESLSCA Master Degree in Sports Management offered in cooperation with leading European sport management schools, is a pioneering international program in the field of applied sport management studies, based on learning-by-doing methodology to give students the education they need in order to take advantage of the opportunities in the field of sport business marketing as well as management in sport organizations, clubs, federations and sport governing bodies.

Program Objectives

The main objective of the MBA in Sport Management is to educate and guide management professionals about sport management tools to optimize resources, develop business plans and strategies, identify business opportunities, anticipate changes, and deliver sound judgement in sport management matters.

• Apply strategic management to the sport industry from a business perspective
• Implement modern practices in sport marketing utilizing digital marketing tools
• Develop branding strategy
• Create financial strategies
• Optimize the management of a sport facility and create business opportunities
• Manage sport events
• Understand sport organizations and functional areas
• Implement sponsorship strategies
• Understand new situations and resolutions in international sport contexts

There is a connection between sports and the management world, on one hand, there are an increasing number of companies whose business relates to sports, and which need an in-depth understanding of the right management and marketing tools to achieve success in their competitive environment, and on the other hand, sports are an excellent communications platform for companies in all sectors, and they can provide great value add to any company or brand associated with.


Program Structure

Core Courses:

Specialization Tracks:


Program Requirements

The program includes visits to sports entities and facilities to learn about relevant management models

The Master is intended to:

• Professional in the sports industry
• (ex) athlete looking for career in sport administration
• Professionals in the business and want to specialize in the sports industry
• Members of sports federations and associations